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The World has entered an era of new natural resource challenges and opportunities that will require administrations, businesses and economies to make fundamental shifts in the way they operate. Adaptation to climate change is just one of them.

Asserbo Consulting S.A. offers support to private and public sector clients in managing resource risks and enhancing their performance through higher resource efficiency and a lower environmental footprint. We are committed to advising our clients on how to take benefit from emerging opportunities in renewable energy, water, waste, land use and biodiversity and how to harness the potential of clean technologies to create environmental friendly systems, jobs opportunities, and competitive advantage. Our job is helping governments to incorporate sustainability into their long-term economic growth plans, supporting the welfare and prosperity of their people and protecting the natural environment.

Sune Holt

Sune Holt

Director - CEO

Sune Holt is a geologist and physical geographer and holds a Master Degree in Biology. He has over 30 years of professional international field experience in analyzing complex environmental problems and assessing local needs in over 20 countries, leading to implementation of appropriate and sustainable solutions. He has strong communication abilities at all levels powered by a sincere interest in listening and understanding what people have to say.

His professional career has been focused on sustainable environmental protection and assessment on individual, organizational and governmental levels, and where needed, developing appropriate mitigation including planning, design and implementation of management and capacity development schemes with stakeholder involvement.

Technically he has worked on environmental assessment to the private industrial sector, large infrastructure development projects, solid waste handling and treatment including development of waste-to-energy projects under the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), natural resources management, habitat and wildlife management, biodiversity inventories, river basin and watershed management, environmental restoration works, environmental legislation, and compliance with environmental standards.

He has knowledge of environmental policies of the major lending organizations including World Bank (WB), Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), and African Development Bank (AfDB).
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Sune Holt

Ileana A. Holt

Representante Legal

Ileana A. Holt is a Civil Engineer. She holds a Master Degree in Environmental Sciences and a Master Degree in Project Design and Management. Mrs. Ileana Holt has more than17 years of international experience, working in Nicaragua and various countries in Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America. She has extensive experience in EnvironmentalManagement from both the private and public sector and from central and decentral levels.

She has worked extensively in the analysis and preparation of environmental assessments, environmental management plans and environmental impact assessments. Her most recent experience includes project development related to adaptation to climate change at the transport sector as well as supervision and monitoring of projects throughout their life cycle from project formulation–procurement process - to the final implementation
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