Consulting alliances


In today's complex World, going it alone is nearly impossible. Few companies have all of the necessary skills within their own walls. Success requires collaboration, creating the best solution for the specific challenge.

That's why we've developed strong relationships with a number of leading firms and service providers at both local and global levels. We want to provide our clients with the best possible assistance, no matter where it comes from.

At Asserbo Consulting, it's our job to know your particular challenges, and we measure our success by the value we bring to you. It's also our job to know the market and the options, and we are committed to understanding the best options.

Because strong alliances are crucial to the success of any professional services firm, we carefully select our alliance partners and deliver exceptional results. We work with some of the world's leading firms and companies with insight at the local level to provide innovative solutions for your most complex challenges.


Below is a list
of current Asserbo Consulting's alliances